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....Holy Innocents Church

was built in the 1200s replacing an earlier wooden structure. The font and chancel date from this time. However, much of the church we see today dates from the 14th and 15th centuries. There is a single hammer beam roof with richly carved angels. Gt. Barton was on the edge of the wool producing area. 'Dog Pews' were put in the Church in honour of the dogs who helped the shepherds during the years when wool was a very important product of the county. The shepherd's dogs were very important to them, and far too valuable to leave outside while the shepherds were in church. The Dog Pews were situated in the back of the church, and the shepherds were encouraged to bring their dogs in with them. The shepherds were also allowed to sleep (with their dogs) in the porch. These pews can now be found at the front of the church...Continue the church's story 

Church Wardens are:

Linda Scoles 01359 230392

Tim Frost 01284 787442

More information can be found on their website or visit their Face Book page.

 Church Location







The Parish Church Mission Hall that stood on Conyers Green.


Great Barton Freedom Church ,

which stands in Mill Road, is an independent evangelical church which has been in existence for over 100 years. The present building, which has been extensively extended, was built in 1956. The original church, a corrugated iron building, completed in 1896, stood next to the Parish pump at Conyers Green. It was taken down and moved to the rear of the present Free Church to act as a social centre.   Freedom Church Location