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Neighbourhood Plan Vision

In April 2016, Great Barton Parish Council applied to St Edmundsbury Borough Council to designate the whole of the Great Barton Parish boundary as a Neighbourhood Area for preparing a Neighbourhood Plan. These links show

Great Barton Neighbourhood Plan Area Application (now superseded)

Supporting Statement (now superseded)

Neighbourhood Area Map (now superseded)

The overarching aspiration for Great Barton is to provide a rural environment which safeguards and enhances the village ethos for the continuing well-being of its residents.

The overall aim of the Neighbourhood Plan will be to present a vision with policies not only for housing and business development but future education provision, leisure opportunities, any roads or transport changes, medical facilities, and other infrastructure projects for the parish. It will also identify areas which need to be protected to retain and enhance the character of the Parish.

The draft Vision set out in the April 2016 supporting statement is:

  • To promote a vibrant, interconnecting community which enhances the well-being of residents within the parish.
  • To ensure the current and proposed developments are sustainable and harmonise within the original build and character of the village.
  • Further growth of housing types to enable broader demographic populations within the parish especially the disabled, elderly and infirm residents.
  • To ensure integration of the various settlements within the parish through new and enhanced pedestrian and cycle links.
  • To promote the services of: retail shops, business developments to meet local employment needs, health provision, sport, leisure and amenities facilities whilst enhancing the natural (open and green) environment within the parish.
  • To provide borough and county authorities and other utility services the important opinions of residents which will help shape correct decision making. 

Due to change in the Great Barton Parish boundary following a community governance review, on 10 January 2019, Great Barton Parish Council submitted a new application to define the revised boundary of the Neighbourhood Plan. 

Under the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended), the council confirmed the designated area on 14 January 2019.

A designation statement to this effect, a copy of the application and supporting information and a map identifying the neighbourhood area can be viewed below (which supersedes the previous area designation approved in June 2016):

Designation Statement

Map of Neighbourhood Plan Area

Great Barton Area Application and Supporting Statement


 The revised Vision in the Draft Plan dated January 2020 is:

By 2041 Great Barton will be a thriving and safe rural community that provides for the needs of existing and future residents whilst respecting, enhancing and sustaining the special character and environment of the village

In the Vision we define specific words as follows:

  • Thriving - extends to all services and facilities in the village that will benefit the residents and provides a clear indication of the scale, type and location of growth.
  • Safe - covers not just a feeling of safety but the ability to move safely around the village by foot, cycle or car.
  • Environment - this is intended to cover both built and natural including ecological issues.
  • Sustaining - this is intended to cover a broad range of issues including environmental sustainability.
  • Needs of residents - this is intended to cover all needs including those relating to business development, broadband and community/leisure facilities as well as more day-to-day needs.